A restaurant that triumphs in taste over trend, Hal's is home to Atlanta's most sought-after culinary creations, served in an expansive bistro-style venue that hints of the warmth and familiarity of an old friend. At once, a neighborhood pub and upscale eatery, Hal's is not the typical, high-brow atmosphere so often equated with food of this quality, and offers surroundings that are never imposing- allowing you to settle in to a comfortable environment that appeals to your dining senses. It's a place of white tablecloths and flowers, warm brick and candlelight, and the dense oak of a long and welcoming bar that's kept company with some of Atlanta's most interesting and influential people. And its loyal patrons are often greeted with their favorite spirit (which, in some cases, has come to bear their own name) even before they sit down.

It's this kind of atmosphere that has kept Hal's customers coming back for years, passing the tradition from one generation to the next. Hal's speaks to an older time, a time when dining out meant not only having a fabulous meal, but feeling a sense of community with your neighbors. It's a place so subtly warm and familiar, so diverse in mood and fare, that it allows you to set your own stage upon which to create an unforgettable dining experience.

What better way to accompany a great meal than with the sounds of jazz, blues, and old rock-and-roll? Hal's bar area sets the stage for local and notable out-of-town performers to play great music. Like the menu, the selection is diverse, and on any given night the music can have flavors of New Orleans jazz, Delta blues, big band, and different takes on old and new rock hits. And like the overall philosophy of Hal's, you choose how to experience it-as a background complement to your meal, or as a spectatorůsidled up to the bar and witness to the action.

Whether you're up for a cozy romantic meal, a quick drink with a few old friends, or a celebration with many, you can create the atmosphere you seek-with food you'll love-at Hal's.

Cigar and cigarette smoking allowed only at the bar.

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